The nonprofit organization “FREIRAUM für Vielfalt gGmbH” is supporting the culture in Frankfurt area. It is a place for encounters and cultural exchange between people of any kind. “FREIRAUM für Vielfalt gGmbH” is offering you a building with the latest equipment, being able to be booked. It is suitable for exhibitions, music, workshops, reading etc. Photographers can use a photo studio in addition.


Cultural Commitment – HISTORICAL WEBSITE

This website not only presents the background to the cultural commitment of the entrepreneur Ernst Hartig. You will also find an overview of the artists presented and the exhibitions that took place from 1996 until 2013. 


Artists national:

Corinna Rosteck - Photography|Video|Installation
Movement is the fundamental theme in the works of the Berlin artist.

Norbert Friedl (NJF) deconstructs a world of his figures and shapes into their component parts, where they are deformed and adjoined to new unexpected elements. The tension generated through the reconstituting all these components results in a timeless vista built on an extended visual vocabulary. While evolving organic forms are sculpted, other structures are grown. Organic lamina coalesce into large-format, still-life and portrait-like figures. These figures, whom he calls creatures, are motion-dynamic yet frozen in a stop-action split second, dramatically enhancing the overall image.


Artificial Image, Berlin
Fine Art specialist in Germany around digital images.

fine art imaging, Eschborn
Specialist in Germany for high quality Fine Art Giclée Prints.

Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc., Iowa USA
Institue who is testing the lightfastness and the durability of print materials (different types of paper and ink, etc.).

Digigraphie is the label of EPSON for excellent and professional image reproduction.


Art portals: