Prints and finishing

“Fine art prints” & “Digigraphy-Prints” are now the established terms for any high quality digital prints that meet the following specifications:
a) top quality, certified fine art materials
b) limited hand-signed editions
c) created by the artist or top quality print experts


EHa or a service provider produces a maximum of three, low number limited editions per work: editions A and B and a digigraphy edition. Maximum of 3 (under special circumstances up to 10 max.) Artistprints produced per work; these are identified by Roman numerals (e.g. E.A. I/III first print of 3)

Most works on this website are available for purchase. Format, edition and print medium are specified for each print run. For works that are not priced or are required in a different size, please us the e-mail function of the image size list to send a request.







Diasec® Cyrstal or Matt


HD Metal Print

The print is produced with an Epson printer and UltraChrome-pigmented ink or via laser printer on Fuji Crystal Paper due to reach the very best technical quality. The price applies for standard materials, the artist establishes according professional criteria including canvas.   The print is pasted up on a composite board (Dibond) with a special glue; this processing guarantees a plan surface. As a protection against damage and ultraviolet rays it is coated with a professional lamination. The back is provided with ledgers (hanger assembly).   The canvas print is multiply sealed with a semi matte acrylic varnisher. This guarantees an upper limit of colour fastness and colour saturation. Afterwards the canvas print is mounted professionally on a stretcher. The back is provided with ledgers (hanger assembly).   In the case of the sealing with acrylic glass (Diasec®) the work is laminated behind a  board with silicone. After that the acrylic board is agglutinated with a Dibond board.Acrylic is one of the premium forms of finishing. By the conditioning with acrylic the maximum of colour fastness is reached. The back is provided with ledgers (hanger assembly).   Using HD Metal Print the motive is applied to an aluminium foil via thermo sublimation printer.The HD Metal Print with only one millimeter thickness is available in a brushed or unbrushed surface. For this purpose the motive is transferred to a transfer material via Inkjet-Print and evaporated with high temperature- and print impact in a specially coated aluminium board afterwards. Therefore the thermo sublimation print on metal is UV consistent and resistant against scratches and humidity. The motive is framed. The Artbox frame aluminium profile is available in black or silver dependent on the motive.