Art Book
From Wish to Lust

The art book "desire – From Wish to Lust", combines sensual art photography of the female body with a single erotic narration. It was published in March 2010 in German and English and shows, in the interplay between image and text, the various different viewpoints of the sexes regarding female eroticism. While Magda Vapor expresses the female perspective in a series of episodic narrations, Ernst Hartig documents the male point of view in more than 90 fully or semi-nude photographs.

ISBN    978-3-938329-61-0
Size 8.7 x 8.7 inch
Pages 193
Published 2010
Language English
Cover Softcover
Publisher Sonderpunkt Verlag
Issuer Videor Art Foundation
Photographer Ernst Hartig EHa
Text Magda Vapor


€ 12.00