Art Book
Das Kloster der großen Gottesmutter

The book "Das Kloster der Großen Gottesmutter" (The Monastary of the Great Mother of God" from Ernst Hartig (EHa) and Klaus Meyer originated in 2003 after the idea of their friend Dr. Jacob Petmezakis, Athens, whose intention is to support the efforts of the Bishop to preserve the Monastary. With its annotations and the illustration the book is giving the interested reader an orientation. In addition it offers the non-orthodox visitors with the example of the Monastery of the Great Mother of God - at least regarding the outer appearances - a way to a better understanding of the world of the so-called Eastern Churches; which, though unfamiliar to most, are nevertheless an original part of European culture.

ISBN    3-00-013191-4
Size 8.7 x 8.7 inch
Pages 99
Published 2004
Language German/English
Cover Hardcover
Publisher Videor E, Hartig 63322 Rödermark
Issuer Videor E, Hartig 63322 Rödermark
Photographer Ernst Hartig EHa
Text Dr. Klaus Meyer
Design Thomas Glaser


€ 8.00