Art Book
Travelling Asia

The third volume of the Asian journey takes us to Papua New Guinea – a journey into the Asaro Valley and the village of the mudmen who are famous for their fear inspiring mud masks; to the tiny island of Tuam with its simple wood houses and huts on stilts where visitors are welcomed by traditional dances and a “sing-sang”; to the Trobriand Islands main island Kiriwina, described in travel brochures as being the «Islands of Love» or the «Forgotten Paradise»; and to the remote atoll of Bramble Haven in the Louisiade Archipelago with its white beaches and crystal-clear water. The people in Papua New Guinea live mainly from agriculture, fishing and handicrafts that are sold in the markets. Time seems to have stood still in these remote regions of the world. Places to pause, where civilisation is far away.

ISBN    9783737529921
Size 7.9 x 7.9 inch
Pages 68
Published 2015
Language German/English
Cover Softcover
Publisher epubli GmbH
Issuer FREIRAUM für Vielfalt gGmbH
Photographer Ernst Hartig EHa
Text Bert Scharpenberg


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