Art Book
Moments I

The art book "Augenblicke-Moments I" combines 21 wonderful floral photographies of Ernst Hartig (EHa) with exclusive aphorisms, proverbs and poems in German and English. In June 2000 the first volume of Augenblicke - Moments was published to mark the occasion of Videor Technical E. Hartig GmbH´s 25th anniversary. Due to the great demand of e.g. the Town of Rödermark, using the book for representative purposes (present for wedding couples and jubilee celebrations) it had to be reprinted in 2006.

Size 8.3 x 8.3 inch
Pages 122
Published 2000
Language German/English
Cover Hardcover
Publisher Videor E, Hartig 63322 Rödermark
Issuer Videor E, Hartig 63322 Rödermark
Photographer Ernst Hartig EHa
Text Dr. Claudia Härtl-Kasulke
Design Thomas Glaser


€ 10.00