Art Book
Nationalparks im Norden Argentiniens und Chile

The art book combines more than 100 impressing photographies of Ernst Hartig (EHa) and Alejandra Sepulveda Z. with texts in German and English. The wonderful pictures came into existence during their exciting foto journey to the National parks in the unfrequented north of Argentina and Chile. Pachamama is for the indigenous people of the Andes the personificaton of Mother Earth, a goddess who gives, protects and sustains life. One quickly becomes captivated by the charm of this tranquil world with its landscape of unparalleled beauty.

Size 7.9 x 9.4 inch
Pages 160
Published 2014
Language German/English
Cover Softcover
Publisher Blurb
Issuer Videor Art Foundation
Photographer Ernst Hartig EHa
Text Bert Scharpenberg


€ 69.00